•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Tokha begins removing illegal structures along Bishnumati river banks

Kathmandu, Feb 20: Tokha municipality has started removing structures illegally constructed along the Bishnumati river banks.

Temporary structures built illegally along the Bishnumati corridor and its adjoining areas were evicted this morning to make the corridor beautiful and well-managed.

Chief Administrative Officer of the Municipality, Sher Bahadur BC, shared the illegal structures constructed at Bishnumati river banks encroaching upon public land were removed using dozers. Tokha municipality took out illegally constructed structures by forming a ‘Public Land Preservation Committee’ under the coordination of chairperson of Tokha municipality-4, Dharmendra Shrestha.

The Committee on Tuesday dismantled the structures constructed in front of Fluorescent School located at Tokha municipality-8, said Deputy Mayor Murari Tamang. Structures unlawfully constructed along the Bishnumati corridor from Manorath Tirtha to Tokha police post would be cleared in the first phase, according to the municipality.

Saying that over 1,000 ropanis of land in Tokha has been encroached, Mayor Prakash Adhikari mentioned that the municipality has a plan to preserve the public land. Locals residing along the banks of Bishnumati river around Fluorescent School had obstructed the municipality’s bid to clear the illegal structures and also pelted stones at the police.

Issuing a notice few days ago, the municipality had urged the locals to remove illegal structures constructed on public land. #Nepal

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