•      Thu Sep 28 2023

Transformation of Congress party essential: Leader Khadka

Leader Purna Bahadur Khadka (file)

Kathmandu, Aug 26: Nepali Congress (NC) Vice-President and Deputy Prime Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka said that transformation of the party and self-transformation are imperative.

Addressing NC cadres gathering at Kathmandu constituency no 3 today, Party Vice-President Khadka suggested all party leaders and cadres alike to start the journey of self-transformation and party transformation from themselves.

Khadka called for reforms within the party from all levels. He believed that there would be reforms in the party if the party cadres and leaders would pay heed to the preferences of the public and obey what they suggests.

Stating that his party, the oldest democratic party in the country, had both leaders who delivered in the party establishment time and the new generation’s leaders and cadres, he viewed that the party’s’ decisions should be in accordance with the diverse demography of the party cadres and leaders. He admitted that the formation of some department at the central level was delayed for sometime, but the works related to it would be accelerated and the formation process would be given a completion very soon.

Vice President Khadka argued the blame-game between the two distinct age-group of party cadres and leaders would not strengthen the party. He said everyone should be untied and move ahead for the greater good of the party. According to him, the incumbent government where the NC is also a coalition partner would continue with the agenda of good-governance.

On a different note, DPM Khadka shared that the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development was working to provide compensation to the farmers whose cattle died of lumpy skin disease.