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Transportation halted on Karnali Bridge after 14 support wires damaged partially in fire

Lamki (Kailali), March 12: Transportation on the Karnali Bridge has been halted after the damage in 14 support wires when it caught fire from a truck on Monday.

A special technical team suggested the authority not to operate vehicles on bridge till the conduct of a detailed inspection, according to Road Division Office, Nepalgunj.

Engineer at Division Office, Niraj Shakya, said vehicular movement along the bridge was stopped for now. “We reached the incident site last night. Another technical team is arriving today for further inspection,” he added.

Police Inspector at Area Police Office, Chisapani, Hariram Dangi, said everyone driving vehicles was requested to adopt diversion in traffic route with the closure of regular route.

The vehicles operated from Sudurpaschim Province to federal capital Kathmandu and other provinces are asked to use the way from Bardiya and Nepalgunj via Sattipur Bridge.

A truck (Na 5 Kha 5297) heading to west had suddenly caught fire while running on the Karnali Bridge on Monday afternoon. The fire from truck later caught the construction wires of the bridge, spreading panic among the people.  RSS #nepal

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