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Two male rhinos translocated in Chitwan National Park

Chitwan, March 17: Two male rhinos of Chitwan National Park have been translocated internally. The rhinos were transferred from the west to the eastern region of the Park.

A male Rhino was brought from near Divyapuri post of Nawalparasi (Bardghat-Sustapurt to the interior of the Kuchkuche area in the eastern region of the park on Saturday.

The estimated 17-year-old male rhino was captured from the Divya Buffer Community Forest and released in the interior area across the Rapti River, said information officer of the park, Ganesh Prasad Tiwari.

Earlier on Friday, a rhinoceros was brought from the Kawasoti area of Nawalpur to the east. The male rhino of around 28 years old was released in the east from Kasara. This rhino used to come to the human settlement and cause trouble.

As the number of rhinos has increased in the western part of the park, some of them are going to be internally transferred to the eastern part of the park.

A total of 60 human resources including elephants, elephant mahouts, technical personnel, staff, Nepali army personnel were deployed for the rhino relocation. The park is now preparing to transfer six rhinos internally. Rhinos over eight years old will be transferred, added Tiwari.

According to the latest count, Nepal is home to 752 rhinos. Of them, 694 rhinos are in Chitwan National Park. Likewise, 38 rhinos are in Bardiya national park and 17 in Shuklaphanta national park. There are three rhinos in Parsa National Park. #Nepal

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