•      Mon Jul 22 2024

Two more Nepali youth died in Russia-Ukraine war

Sandesh Thapa

Kathmandu, June 13: Two more Nepalis who joined the Russian army have died. According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs sources, the number of Nepalis who were illegally recruited into the Russian army and died in the war with Ukraine has now reached 25. According to recent data, a total of 25 people have lost their lives in Russia-Ukraine War.

Balram Gurung of Rukum and Tej Bahadur Shahi of Dailekh were added to the 23 deaths earlier. The Nepali Embassy in Moscow informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about their death.

Despite continuous efforts of the Nepal government, the Russian government has not given Nepal the data of how many Nepalis are recruited in the Russian army, how many are injured and how many have died. Despite repeated requests and letters from the Nepalese government to the Russian government, the Russian Foreign Ministry has not responded to Nepal stating that the matter belongs to the Ministry of Defence.

On February 24, 2022, Russia was illegally recruiting Nepali people in the war that started after Russia attacked Ukraine.

The status of 5 Nepalis who joined the Russian army and are being held by the Ukrainian army is still unknown. Among the captured Nepalis are Bibek Khatri of Bardiya, Siddharth Dhakal of Kavre, Bikas Rai of Morang, Pratik Pun of Rolpa and Ishwar Lamichhane of Gorkha. #nepal #russia #ukraine

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