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UNDP says, Nepal improves in HDI, ranked at 146th position

Kathmandu, March 15: Nepal has improved its position in the Human Development Index (HDI).

As per the Global Human Development Report released by the UNDP on Thursday, Nepal is ranked at 146th position of the HDI and its HDI value is 0.601. Earlier in 2021, Nepal’s ranking was 149. It has made 0.010 progress in HDI as compared to 2021 which is higher than global average of 0.004.

Life expectancy at birth has increased by 15.7 years, average years of schooling by 5.4 per cent and expected school going years by 2.1 years in Nepal from 1990 to 2022.

Similarly, Nepal’s Gross National Income (GNI) per capita improved by around 165.7 per cent, reads the report. In 2022, female’s HDI was 0.562 while male’s 0.635, resulting in the gender development index value of 0.885.

According to the UNDP, HDI assess the per capita GNI, education and average life expectancy of any country.

UNDP Chief, Achim Steiner, said, “We have become unsuccessful despite global interconnectedness of the societies. We must strengthen our capacities and interdependence to address challenges pointed out by the report.”

“It can invite huge human consequences. Failing to work collectively in the sector of climate change, digitalization, poverty and inequality has caused hindrance in the human development,” mentioned the UNDP Chief.

Similarly, UNDP Nepal resident representative, Ayshanie Medagangoda-Labé, shared although Nepal had made progress in last five years, the progress was obstructed after COVID-19 pandemic.

She pointed out the need of collaboration with private sector, civil society, international community and general people, not only among the three tiers of the government. #Nepal

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