•      Thu Mar 30 2023

Urmila Aryal elected as Vice Chair of National Assembly

Vice Chair of the National Assembly Urmila Aryal.

Kathmandu, Feb 6: Urmila Aryal, a member of National Assembly from the CPN (Maoist Centre), has been elected as the Vice-Chair of the National Assembly.

Chairman of National Assembly Ganesh Prasad Timilsina informed the Assembly that Aryal was elected unopposed. Chairman Timilsina also congratulated newly elected Aryal, wishing her a successful tenure. Before that, MP Devendra Dahal of CPN UML said that Aryal was a worthy personality as the Vice Chairman of the National Assembly.

He said that Aryal is a strong personality of the communist movement of Nepal as well.

Vice Chair of the National Assembly Urmila Aryal.

Giving his opinion in favor of the proposal, MP Khimlal Devkota said that the role of Vice Chair Aryal, who was a female leader and a member of the National Assembly, was commendable in the women’s movement of Nepal. He held the opinion that women should be elected as heads of other agencies of the state.

Aryal, who has completed his post-graduate studies in sociology, is a research student of Phd. Aryal, who has held the responsibility of the central president of All Nepal Women’s Association, has also served as a women’s development officer.

Vice Chair of the National Assembly Urmila Aryal.

She has visited China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, America, France, Spain, Switzerland and other countries. Her research articles on women’s empowerment and inclusion and action plan, women’s role in the communist movement, joint writing with Sahana Pradhan, and economic development have been published in various journals.