•      Thu Sep 28 2023

Vegetable farmers worry over market in Baitadi

Baitadi, Aug 26: The vegetable farmers in the district have been worried over market for their produce. For lack of market, vegetables worth hundreds of thousands have perished at homes and in fields.

Cabbage grown at Gurukhola of Dasharathchand Municipality-1 has perished in the field for not getting market, according to a local Man Bahadur Ter. The cabbage rotted in the field, causing a loss of hundreds of thousands.

Those involved in commercial farming of cabbage are bearing the brunt after the vegetables rotted in the field.

Similarly, the potato farmers at Sigas and Surnaya Rural Municipalities are also waiting for market. Farmer from Sagas-1, Roshan Saud, informed that they did not get good price for potato.

“We bought potato seeds for Rs 70 per kg, which have good harvest as well. But we are compelled to sell it for Rs 35 per kg. It is sheer loss,” he shared the plight.

Nearly 300 quintals of potato was produced in 50 to 60 ropanis of land at Sigas-1 alone. Lack of modern storehouse has also added woes to the farmers.

Dan Bahadur Madai from Surnaya-7 informed that he had kept 50 quintals of potato at his home for not having storehouse. “There is neither good price for nor a cold store for product. The potato is rotting.

Agriculture Knowledge Centre in the district has informed that 13,900 metric tonnes of vegetables is produced in the district every year. RSS