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Voices raised for conservation of indigenous breed of cow

Nepali indigenous cow. (file photo)

KATHMANDU: Voices have been raised for preserving the indigenous breed of cow, which is on the verge of extinction.

At a seven-day cow festival for the protection of the local breed cow began from Monday through a virtual medium, participants laid emphasis on the need of preserving indigenous cow as its importance has been proved scientifically.

The speakers of the programme also said the urine of such breed of cow has the quality to protect from black fungus seen with the new variant of corona virus. They shared that garlic and onion is also helpful to protect from black fungus.

The festival was organized by different organisations including Shree Golok Govardhan Samrakshan Dham, Vaisnab Youth Council Nepal and Kaligandaki Gyan Bigyan Pratisthan.

Chairperson of Kaligandaki Gyan Bigyan Pratisthan, Swami Chaitanya Krishna, said that the milk of indigenous breed of cow is beneficial to the people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes as well as the curcumin compound found in helps to cure cancer.

He added that indigenous breed of cow should be preserved for the nature and environment.

He opined, “Chemical fertilizer has affected the local breed cows. The chemical fertilizer has started destroying environment required for this breed of cow for its survival. A study has proved that gold was found in cow urine.”

A scientific study has proved the fact that cow milk is useful in preparing antibodies against HIV / AIDS in the human body.

Swami Chaitanya Krisha opined that Kaligandaki Gyan Bigyan Pratisthan has been making preparation to establish lab for the scientific study and research of indigenous breed of cow for the first time in Nepal.

He stressed on the need of conserving cows of local breeds to promote organic farming and contribute to the national economy. The programme aims to create public awareness against the tendency of abandonement of their cattle by farmers and letting them loose in the street unattended.

Jarokilo Mahaabhiyan chair Prof Dr Nirmalmani Adhikari had claimed that renaissance in Vedic knowledge had kicked off and it would help conserve cows of local verities. As he said, the cows of local breeds were pushed on the verge with the beginning of a culture of injecting them out of greed for more milk production in 2018 BS.

Hindu Jagaran chair Ram Krishna Upadhyay said Hindu myths had described the cow as the ‘mother of the world’ indicating the significance of the cow.

Organising committee chair Swami Nanda Kishor said the number of stray cows is growing and public awareness should be raised to stop this tendency. The event will continue till Saturday. (RSS)

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