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World Cup Qualifier: Nepal loses to Jordan 3-0 again

Players vie for the ball played between Nepal and Jordan. (file photo)

KATHMANDU: Compared to the Nepali team, Jordan was strong and excellent in all respects. Jordan was strong in terms of physical, technical and experience. However, coach Abdullah Al Mutairi said he would play for the win against Jordan.

Because he wanted to maintain the aggressive rhythm of the Nepali team. However, the Nepali team did not move at Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium on Monday. Jordan won the game 3-0.

Nineteen months ago, the Nepali team had lost 3-0 in a meeting in Amman, Jordan. All three goals in that away game were scored in the second half. The game was one-sided in favor of Jordan against Kuwait City. From the beginning, they performed aggressively. Nepali players were busy around their own penalty area. With the arrival of the Kuwaiti coach, there was some difference in the Nepali team.

For the first time in 30 months, Nepal lost the opportunity to score in four consecutive games. Of course, they could not create a good opportunity even once in the entire game to score a goal. However, it is seen that they can play with some short passes and with confidence. As in the past, the Nepali team had a tradition of playing defensively against big teams out of fear, which coach Abdullah wants to break. Despite not being able to create a clear goal opportunity, it was somewhat more promising than two years ago.

Of the tree goals, Baha’ Faisal scored two goals in 23 minute (penalty) and 48 minutes. Jordon’s Yazan Al-Arab scored another goal on 67 minute.

Jordan scored the first goal in a penalty shootout. Faisal scored a goal in Jordan’s comfortable victory. In his two goals, Jordan easily added 3 points against Nepal. Jordan took a 2-0 lead in the 42nd minute when he hit a second kick from about 30 yards on a free kick that turned into a superb goal. This is his sixth goal in the selection.

The third goal was also scored in the free kick. Yazan Al Arab scored on a free kick to give Jordan a 3-0 lead in the 67th minute. Jordan continued to attack after scoring three goals. Towards the end of the first half, Kiran made some excellent saves. Kiran stopped Suleiman’s shot from close range in the 42nd minute. He also saved Nepal’s crisis by stopping the force that struck in the same rebound.

Nepal had defeated Chinese Taipei 2-0 on Thursday. Anjan Bista and Nabyug Shrestha scored the goals. The same Anjan had Nepal’s best chance against Jordan, which is ranked 76th in the FIFA rankings. Even though he controlled the penalty area, his shot on the ball was not accurate and went straight out of the post.

Coach Abdullah changed three players in the first selection against Taipei and fielded the Nepali team against Jordan. He replaced forward Ashish Lama with Abhishek Rijal. Defenders Dinesh Rajbanshi and Vikas Khawas brought midfielder Sunil Bal and right back Gautam Shrestha on the bench. However, Bikas left the field in the 30th minute due to injury. He was replaced by Sunil.

With the fifth defeat in the selection, Nepal’s chances of entering the third phase of the 2022 World Cup selection have officially ended. This is also the Asian Cup 2023 selection. To reach the third stage, Nepal have to be in the best four out of the fourth in the group. The defeat against Jordan left Nepal’s chances mathematically. Nepal will have to play in the playoffs to reach the third round of the Asian Cup qualifiers by remaining in the bottom 11 teams.

Nepal will face Australia on Friday in the final match of the second round. Only an incredible victory can take Nepal to the third round of the Asian Cup 2023 selection. Jordan, on the other hand, surpassed Kuwait by three points after the fourth victory. Australia (15) is at the top with 100 percent victory. Nepal has 6 points in its account.

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