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1,152 scrub typhus cases in Sudurpaschim Province in two months

Kanchanpur, Oct 10: At least 1,152 cases of scrub typhus were recorded in Sudurpaschim Province in the past two months alone.

According to Hemraj Joshi, vector control inspector of the Sudurpaschim provincial health directorate, Dipayal, Kailali district recorded highest 440 scrub typhus cases. Similarly, there were 140 cases in Darchula, 133 in Bajhang, 111 in Achham, 94 in Dadeldhura, 90 in Kanchanpur, 89 in Doti, 48 in Baitadi and seven in Bajura.

The patients are receiving treatment in the various health institutions of the respective districts, it is said.

Some of the patients have been discharged. Last year, the province recorded 275 cases. Dadeldhura had highest 545 cases. Similarly, 529 cases were recorded in Kailali, 377 in Kanchanpur, 324 in Darchula, 179 in Baitadi, 141 in Achham, 63 in Bajhang and 62 in Bajura. Symptoms include high fever, headache, excessive sweating, red eyeballs, diarrhoea and rashes over body parts.

People with any of these symptoms should visit a doctor for a diagnosis as symptoms are matched with that of COVID-19, said Joshi, adding that patients will get completely treated after taking medicines. “The infection can take a serious form if not treated timely. It attacks and may damage brain, liver, lungs and other organs.”

The disease spreads to people by the bite of a mite infected with the bacteria that causes scrub typhus fever. It does not spread from person to person, he said. “Infected mites are found in shrubs, farmlands, forests and around houses. To be safe from the insects, people should wear clothes that cover whole body while working in the farmlands or forests.” The infection takes place from July to October. RSS

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