•      Fri Jul 19 2024

14 Royal Bengal tigers found in Chitwan National Park

Bharatpur, Jan 10: As many as 14 Royal Bengal tigers were found in the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park adjacent to Balmiki Tiger Reserve of India.

In course of the monitoring carried out by CNP during 40 days since October 12 this year, eight female nd four male tigers were found.

CNP’s Public Information Officer Ganesh Prasad Tiwari shared that the monitoring was undertaken by dividing the bio-route into 62 ‘grid’. He further informed 62 pairs of cameras were installed in an area of two square kilometres each.

Three tigers were found in the 2018 survey and eight in the 2022 National Tiger Survey. Information Officer Tiwari said that the number of tigers has increased significantly due to the participation of the local community in conservation and the tireless efforts of the office. #Nepal #Tiger

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