•      Tue Sep 27 2022

256 pilgrims stranded in Humla after disruption of air service

Humla Airport (file photo)

Humla: As many as 256 pilgrims, who are on their way back after worshiping the Kailash Mansarovar, regarded as the holy abode of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati, have been stuck following air service disruption due to rains for two days.

They have been stranded at Takchi and Simkot of Namkha Rural Municipality in Jumla district. Air service between Simkot-Nepalgunj route has been disrupted due to rains since Wednesday night, said Prahlad Limbu, Manager of the Trekker Society.

As a result, the pilgrims heading to Simkot from Takchi and vice-versa, and to Nepalgunj from Simkot have been stranded, he added. Of the tourists stuck at Takchi, five reached Simkot on a helicopter on Friday, according to Limbu.

Three helicopters were on standby at Simkot airport, and an aircraft at Nepalgunj airport to transport the stranded visitors. But, bad weather affected the service, said the airport authorities.

Hundreds of people visit Kailash Mansarovar every year. Over 1,175 pilgrims entered Jumla district to visit the pilgrimage site this year alone, according available data.