•      Tue Nov 28 2023

541 caes of dengue confirmed in Karnali

dengue mosquito
Dengue Mosquito image

The number of dengue patients has crossed 540 in the districts of Karnali Province. The number of dengue patients in Surkhet district is 422, the highest among the districts of Karnali, according to the Province Health Service Directorate, Birendranagar.

Likewise, 22 patients are confirmed in Salyan, 22 in Jumla, 21 in Kalikot and 14 others are in Dailekh. Likewise, 18 dengue patients are confirmed in Rukum Paschim and one each in Humla and Dolpa district, said Shyam Acharya, the Focal Person for Dengue Disease Control in Province Health Service Directorate.

Surkhet is in red zone of dengue infection with more than 200 cases within Birendranagar city area.

Meanwhile, the number of heart patients is also on the rise in Karnali Province. According to doctors, lavish lifestyle and uncontrolled eating habits are to be blamed for the inceased number of heart patients.

Dr KN Paudyal of Province Hospital said smoking, drinking of alcohol and other unhealthy habits have resulted in increased number of heart patients.RSS