•      Mon Jun 17 2024

Beni bazaar under the hold of diarrhoea

Myagdi, Aug 23: Beni bazaar, the district headquarters of Myagdi district, has been under the grip of diarrhoea for the past some days.

Contaminated sources of water and unhygienic foods are to blame for the disease.

Water sources are polluted during monsoon, resulting in the disease spreading, said Doctor Nabaraj Bastakoti, who works for Beni Hospital.

Entamoeba histolytica is found in samples from the patients visiting the hospital, he said. Beni Municipality-7 and 8 has suffered from the disease the most.

The pathology test confirmed the presence of bacteria in stools sample collected from the diarrohea patients visiting the hospital.

Fifteen to 20 patients need to be admitted to the hospital for treatment each day, he said.

Most patients are from the Beni municipality 7 and 8.

Vomiting, blood in stools, and high fever are the symptoms of bacterial dirrhoea, he said.

Said doctor Bastakoti who advised to take preventive measures including special focus on sanitation and hygiene to stay from the disease.

Its infection in rainy season is relatively high than usual time.

These days, some 20-25 people visit the hospital each day with complains of symptoms of dirrahoea, hospital information officer Prakash Subedi said.