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Bill to revise and integrate education laws tabled in House

Meeting of House of Representatives in 2023.

Kathmandu, Oct 1: A Bill to revise and integrate laws relating to school education- 2080 BS has been tabled in the House of Representatives (HoR).

Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Ashok Kumar Rai, presented the document in a session of the lower house today.

Presenting the Bill, the Minister said it is essential to address the agreement reached between the government and teachers who were agitated following the registration of the Bill in the Federal Parliament Secretariat.

As he said, the Bill aimed to enforcing the citizen’s right to fundamental right relating to education as guaranteed by the Constitution and to further clarifying educational jurisdictions among the three-tier government and for further management of the education sector.

The proposal put forth by Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party lawmaker Prem Suwal to withhold the Bill’s presentation was refused by majority.

He said the registration of the Bill sparked a widespread protest by teachers and private schools still continued to raise fees arbitrarily, expressing his concern over the preparations to ‘reinstate’ the District Education Office.

In response, Minister Rai urged the House for support to endorse the Bill. He said its draft had been prepared back in 2075 BS and had undergone two reviews by the Council of Ministers before reaching the House.

The Bill was officially registered in the HoR on September 13.

The HoR shall meet again at 1:00 am of Tuesday on October 3. RSS

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