•      Sun Jun 23 2024

Blood bank established at Bharatpur Hospital

bharatpur hospital
Bharatpur Hospital Chitwan (file)

Bharatpur, May 15: A blood bank has been brought into operation at Bharatpur Hospital in Chitwan. Mayor of Bharatpur metropolitan city, Renu Dahal, inaugurated the blood bank.

On the occasion, Mayor Dahal expressed the belief that with the operation of blood bank, it would be easier to patients visiting Bharatpur hospital to get blood during their treatment.

Blood bank was necessary at Bharatpur Hospital as the demand of blood is high following the huge number of patients in the hospital, Mayor Dahal mentioned, adding there is lack of infrastructure, staffs and equipment in the hospital.

The metropolitan city was ready to collaborate to expand and add more services in the hospital, she explained.

The blood bank, which is in operation at Block ‘B’ of the hospital, has now the capacity of storing 200 units of blood.

Sharing that blood bank is minimum service standard of the hospital, Hospital Chairperson Raju Poudel stressed that the blood bank was established for the convenience for the patients.

Similarly, President of Nepal Red Cross Society, Chitwan, Hari Poudel, mentioned there is a demand of more than 100,000 units of blood in Kathmandu Valley-based hospitals and 60,000 units of blood in Chitwan-based hospitals annually.

Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Shreeram Tiwari, said the blood bank was brought into operation at the hospital from a long effort.