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Britain and Nepal NGO Network organises conference in London

A conference on ‘NGO’s work in Nepal for a Transformative Change: Impacts of Covid-19 and the Way Forward’ in London oragnized by Nepali Embassy in London on March, 2022. (Photo: Nepali Embassy in London)

LONDON: Britain and Nepal Non-governmental Organization Network (BRANNGO), a network of British NGOs working in Nepal, organized a conference in London on Thursday in cooperation with the Embassy of Nepal in London.

According to the Embassy, the conference was organised with the theme ‘NGO’s work in Nepal for a Transformative Change: Impacts of Covid-19 and the Way Forward’.

The Network established in 2018 organised the conference aiming at strengthening cooperation, exchanging information among different bodies and enhancing capacity, efficiency and effectiveness for carrying out philanthropic jobs in Nepal, Professor of Huddersfield University Padam Simkhada said.

Speaking on the occasion, Nepal’s Ambassador to the UK, Gyan Chandra Acharya, thanked the British NGOs, development partners and British people for providing philanthropic services to the needy people in Nepal.

Stressing the need for broader perspectives to promote a rapid, inclusive and sustainable development, Ambassador Acharya said maintaining balance between social development and income generating activities by targeting the women, poor and marginalised class would be crucial in the future.

On the occasion, Prof Simkhada, Swastika Shrestha of Teach for Nepal, Joanna Bega of Child Rescue Nepal and others put forth their opinions regarding their experiences on working with Nepali community in the federal system and challenges of the NGOs in the time of the COVID pandemic. (RSS)

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