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Devotees thronging Pashupatinath on teej festival

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            Kathmandu, Sept 2, 2019: Devotees, all of them women, have thronged at the Pashupatinath temple since the early morning today on the occasion of Haritalika (teej) festival today.

            They have formed four long queues to the temple from various places, as per the arrangement made by the Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT).  All the four doors to the temple had been opened since 3 am and they would be opened until the last devotee pays homage by the evening today.

            Pashupatinath temple precinct is teeming with women clad in red, green and yellow outfits. Even the eastern door to the temple which was only used for bringing the holy water and not opened to the devotees since 11 years has been opened for the devotees today, PADT member secretary Dr Pradip Dhakal said. 

            Four thousand security personnel have been mobilized in the Pashupati area today for the security of the devotees. An integrated security plan has been enforced in partnership of the security personnel belonging to Nepal Police, Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, National Investigation Department and PADT, it is stated.

            PADT expects some 700 thousand devotees will visit Pashupatinath temple today to pay homage to Lord Shiva on the occasion of the teej festival.

            A large number of scouts and volunteers from various organizations are also mobilized to provide assistance to the devotees and facilitate them.

            Devotees, most of who keep a fast today, worship lord Shiva and his consort Parbati, the divine couple also known by the name Umamaheshwar on the occasion of teej festival.