•      Tue Jul 23 2024

Dhrube elephant demolishes four houses in Chitwan

Chitwan, Jan 5: ‘Dhrube’, a notorious wild tusker in Chitwan National Park has once against spotted in the human settlements.

The wild tusker was seen at Madi Municipality and Bayarghari area of Bharatpur Metropolitan City-23, Chitwan on Wednesday and Thursday.

Dhrube also demolished four houses at Bayarghari on Thursday, Information Officer of Chitwan National Park (CNP) Ganesh Prasad Tiwari said. Reappearance of Dhrube has left the local residents there in terror.

Dhrube elephant which killed 22 people so far was seen in wards no. 23 and 24 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City and Madi area last month as well. Tiwari shared that a satellite collar was fitted to record the activities of the elephant to regulate the activities of the Dhrube.

The National Park has urged the local people to apply precautions for their safety after the entry of the wild tusker in the human settlements. #Nepal

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