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EC calls for public submissions over amendment to Political Parties Act

Election Commission Nepal
Election Commission Nepal

Kathmandu, March 21: The Election Commission has sought submissions from political parties, civil society, media, and all the stakeholders concerned over the Political Parties Act-2017 as it aims to enhance the effectiveness of managing and regulating political parties.

The EC has constituted the Act Amendment Directive Committee coordinated by an election commissioner and the Act Amendment Drafting Committee headed by EC secretary and these committees have taken ahead the process for amending the Act, according to EC assistant spokesperson Ram Datta Pandeya.

The EC intends to facilitate substantive discussions among concerned entities on various aspects, including internal democracy in political parties, party membership, fund management, financial transparency, implementation of party statutes, dispute resolution mechanisms, decision archiving, and voluntary economic assistance.

Similarly, it aims to facilitate discussions on transparency, preparations of election manifesto and its enforcement, provisions for party separation and formation, accounting and auditing standards, single electoral symbol utilization, code of conduct enforcement, and the State funding for political parties. The aim is to address these issues appropriately and reach conclusive decisions. #Nepal

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