•      Tue Sep 27 2022

Flood rampage in Kanchanpur: Destroys paddy farm ahead of harvesting season

Damaged suspension bridge in Kanchanpur.

Kanchanpur : The torrential rain happening from Friday night in Kanchanpur has damaged the paddy farm which was almost ready for harvesting.

With the damage in the paddy farm ahead of the harvesting season, farmers here are worried for the huge losses.

Lok Bahadur Badayak of Nandagaun in Laljhadi Rural Municipality-3 said the paddy cultivated in five bigaha of land has witnessed damages after the flood in the Doda river. Besides, the food grains stored at his home is also washed away in the flood.

“The paddy was almost ready for harvesting. But the flood has completely destroyed. The paddy farm is full of sand now,” he added. We are taking shelter under the tent, Badayak bemoaned. With the destruction, he said he is worried to win bread for the 11-member family.

He shared that he faced the same fate last year too because of flood.

All six wards of the rural municipality have witnessed a heavy damage in the paddy farm, chief of agriculture section in the rural municipality Hajmila Lawad said.

The flood has caused heavy damage to paddy, sugarcane, nut and sweet potato.

The story of Hari Krishna Bhatta of Shuklaphanta Municipality-12 is similar to Badayak as the flood destroyed his paddy farm and other crops. He fears famine would prevail in the area while recalling that such a heavy flood was the first of its kind since 2008.

The riverbed areas including Punarbas, Shuklaphanta, Belauri, Laljhadi and Krishnapur of Doda, Banhara and Syali rivers are badly affected from the flood.

Officials at the Agriculture Knowledge Centre in the district stated that it could take some more days to confirm the details of the loss caused due to the flood.