•      Wed Dec 7 2022

FNJ expects political parties to give space for press freedom in election manifesto

The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) is seriously concerned about how political parties would address the issue concerning mass communication in their election manifestos.

Presently political parties are working on their election manifestos in view of elections of the House of Representatives and the Province Assembly. The voting for the twin elections is taking place on coming November 20 in a single phase.

The umbrella body of journalists said it urges and expects political parties to acknowledge the significance of free Press, the freedom of expression and its world-wide norms and values, and to come up with their commitments accordingly.

The FNJ in a press note said that it hoped that political parties will come up with pledges and programmes capable of building a vibrant and prosperous communications sector along with guarantee of the free Press and the freedom of expression. It wants the political parties to contribute from their respective sides for the development and promotion of professional journalism.

The FNJ has also decided to meet and interact with top leadership of all political parties and manifesto drafting committee or taskforce in its bid to make them aware of importance of the free Press and to seek their actions for its promotion.

The FNJ urges one and all to support and collaborate with it over its campaign to enhance the press freedom. RSS