•      Wed Dec 7 2022

Japan hands over hearing screening equipment

Kathmandu : The government of Japan has handed over the hearing screening equipment and soundproof rooms for infants in Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts amidst a ceremony on Wednesday. The Deputy Chief of Mission, TAMURA Takahiro, at the Japanese Embassy in Kathmandu attended the ceremony.

According to the Japanese Embassy in Kathmandu, the equipment and rooms are provided with the support of USD 82,236 under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) of the Japanese Government to the B.P. Eye Foundation in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, Bhaktapur District.

On the occasion, the Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. TAMURA, expressed that the equipment and rooms can contribute to the early detection of hearing impairment in newborns. Early detection makes it possible to provide treatment to reduce hearing loss and alleviate difficulties such as delays in the development of language and learning skills.

Mr. Tamura stated that this assistance will provide better future for many children, and further deepen the friendship between the people of Japan and Nepal.

The GGP-granted medical equipment and soundproof rooms in the Kathmandu Valley’s five medical centers in Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, Godawari, and Changunarayan Municipalities are used for hearing screenings for newborns. Children and their parents will be provided treatment and lifestyle guidance by the B.P. Eye Foundation.

GGP was established to implement projects directly benefiting people at the grassroots level for the socio-economic development of the community. Since 1991, over 200 GGP projects have been implemented in Nepal.