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Local level promotes collective vegetable farming in Rukum

Rukum Paschim, May 18: Chaurjahari municipality-8 in Rukum Paschim has laid emphasis on collective vegetable farming to make women self-reliant.

The local level formed six groups of women in the ward and encouraged collective vegetable farming.

Out of six groups, three have been doing commercial vegetable cultivation in six ropanis of land taken on lease in the ward, said ward chairperson, Shahi Ram BK.

The women groups were able to produce 30 quintals of onion and 35 quintals of potato this time. The produce was sold at local markets. The women groups made income of around Rs 400,000 from selling potatoes and onions. Youths in the ward have been extending support to the women groups.

The local level managed one agriculture technician to resolve the agriculture-related problems. Similarly, it has facilitated the sale of agro products.

Involving more number of women groups is in plan for further vegetable cultivation. The Human Development and Community Service (HDCS) had provided a monetary support of Rs 68,000 to each group so that women could be attracted in agriculture.

Kamala KC, associated with women group, said they were inspired for vegetable farming with the support of HDCS and coordination of the ward office.

Chairperson BK mentioned that they had been providing seeds and agricultural tools to promote collective vegetable farming.  #rss #nepal

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