•      Wed Dec 7 2022

Mass hysteria hits girl students in Bajhang

Bajhang district map

BAJHANG : Girl students of Kedar Secondary School at Bitthadchir rural municipality-1 in Bajhang district have fallen unconscious.

Seven girl students fell unconscious on Sunday while seven on Monday and two on Tuesday.

School Principal Bishnu Singh Bohara said the girl students who fell unconscious after the hysterical attacks regained consciousness after two hours.

He shared, “The girl students started falling unconscious one after another and sent them home in the first day. The girls underwent health examine in the second day.”

The girl students developed symptoms like shaking and nattering insensible words.

The school on Monday had called Dr Ishwor Balami from Deulek primary health centre and he informed that it was mass hysteria.

Dr Balami added, “The girl who fell unconscious at first might have some problems. It should be examined. All the girl students, who fell unconscious, should be kept separately for few days.”

Anxiety and fear are also the reasons behind it, said Dr Balami.