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Mukul report asks many questions on Rabi Lamichhane (full text)

Kathmandu, July 5:  Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has released the controversial report of the suspended General Secretary Dr Mukul Dhakal. Through an email distributed by the acting spokesperson of the party, Manish Jha, the document written by Dhakal last month after visiting 38 districts was made public.

In the report sent on Thursday afternoon, Dr Dhakal mentioned that he had heard complaints in the district that there had been an increase in disorder within the party, and that party members had not even been able to meet ministers and MPs who had gone to the government.

He mentioned Rupchandra Bista’s ‘Thaaha’ ideological lines in various places and questioned why the influence of journalists from Galaxy TV increased within the party.

He has criticized the Chairman Rabi Lamichhane for repeatedly raising questions that have never been raised before.

It is mentioned in the report that Rabi played a lot like Queen of the Chess Game. “If GB Rai is not caught, why did he (Rabi) become an opposition and talk about setting a deadline to arrest him?”

He asked why Rabi’s promise to create jobs from the Blue Bus remained unfulfilled.

In Dhakal’s report, it is also mentioned that the general public have suggested to forge alliance with Mayor of Kathmandu, Mr Balen Sah, instead of frequent meeting with Prachanda or KP Oli.

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