•      Fri Jul 19 2024

Parliamentary committee to garner experts’ views on NCell verdict

            Kathmandu, Sept 6 : The Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee of the House of Representatives has decided to consult senior advocates on the Supreme Court’s verdict on NCell tax case.

            Committee Chairman Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel was inquired at the committee meeting about the progress on various issues including NCell case, to which, he said that experts’ views could be garnered on it, according to Committee member Sanjay Kumar Gautam.

            Chairman Pokhrel said, “It is not unusual for the parliament committee having the capacity to initiate impeachment, to study the activities carried out by the judiciary.

So, the verdict on NCell tax case needs consultation with senior constitutional experts.”

Another member Min Bishwokarma viewed that it was natural for the committee to hold discussion with experts on such pressing issue with is surfaced as debate among the civil society and former administrators. A common stand would be made on it, he added.             The committee meeting also decided to conduct onsite visits of various prisons and custodies to know the human rights situation of the inmates and detainees.

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