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PM KP Sharma Oli urges everyone to forward election preparation

pm kp sharma oli
Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli speaking at a program organized on the occasion of 71st Democracy Day at Kathmandu, Friday, February 19, 2021. (Photo: Roshan Sapkota/RSS)

BIRATNAGAR: Prime Minister and Chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) KP Sharma Oli has urged everyone to forward preparation for the election of House of Representatives. There is no point in being uncertain on it, he stressed.

Addressing a mass gathering of party leaders and cadres organized by NCP Province-1 in Biratnagar on Saturday, PM Oli appealed to all to defeat those who are against development and spreading falsity on election. The election is scheduled for April 30 and May 10.

“You need to make NCP victorious through the election to be held in two phases. The victory would be for democracy, development and prosperity,” he said, reminding that dissolution of House of Representatives was resulted after the sheer obstruction to the smooth works of the government with near two-thirds majority.

NCP Chairman further said it was childish thought of Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda to seek ‘Sun’ as election symbol. Prachand has been ditched by many leaders, he said, adding that those with him at present would also leave him group ultimately, he claimed.

According to the PM, groupism was fueled in a way that would ruin the communist movement in Nepal. “Prachanda faction is being splintered. If he returns to NCP I’m leading, there is safe place for him,” he stressed.

PM Oli warned of same game of falling and making of governments if the HoR was restored. No political party would come up with clear majority for stable government but pave way for muddy politics, he asserted. HoR dissolution was aimed at avoiding instability in the country, PM Oli stated.

Moreover, he believed that Supreme Court would deliver verdict in view of people’s aspiration and spirit of constitution.
He also urged those moved away from party under pressure and lure to return again to the party for stronger presence.

Meanwhile, Nepali Congress has strongly objected about the PM Oli’s views on Supreme Court. Nepali Congress Spokesperson Bishwo Prakash Sharma and youth leader Gagan Thapa both have said that the Prime Minister Oli was making unnecessary comment about the smooth functioning of the Supreme Court.

PM Oli had urged the Supreme Court to see people’s participation on the mass meetings at the KP-led NCP before giving verdict on the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

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