•      Tue Dec 6 2022

Polling station with only women employees in Dang

Dang: Only women employees have been assigned to the four polling stations in Dang for the election of House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly. Only women employees have been given the responsibility from polling officer to helper there.

In the polling station (A) of the Aadharbhut School Belghari in Ghorahi-18, there are only female employees. Election officer Indu Bassel said that there are only women polling officers, employees and security personnel. Shrijana Sharma, Hemanta Thapa, Beena Sharma, Savitra Devi Sharma, Deepsana BC, Balika Ghimire and Goma Magar have been there to help them. There are 952 voters in that polling station.

Similarly, Urmila Timalsina has been a polling officer in (B) center of the same school. Kamala Khadka, Archana Chaudhary, Indira BK, Hira KC, Goma Yogi, Tila BK and Geeta Chaudhary have eight women employees to assist. There are 973 voters in that polling station.

Khima Bhusal has been a polling officer at Haridwar (C) polling station in Ghorahi-17. To help her, there are eight women employees namely Basanti Poudel, Bipana Bartaula, Samjhana Karki Pariyar, Kritisa Rawat, Shrijana Bhandari, Dila KC and Suman Chaudhary. There are 748 voters in that polling station.

Moti Kumari Bishwakarma has been a polling officer in the (D) polling center of Goraksha Ratnanath Mavi Chowghera in the same ward. Gupta Kumari Adhikari, Bishna Nepali, Anita Budha, Sarita Bhandari, Manisha Chaudhary, Goma Basnet and Panmati Kami have been helping her. There are 812 voters in that center.

Kripasur Karki, the chief polling officer of Dang district, said that it would convey the message that women are capable of every job and this kind of effort would send a positive message to the society. He says, “It seems that a model polling station operated by women alone will send a positive message to the society.”

Moti Bishwakarma, polling officer of Goraksha ratnanath Mavi Chowghera (A) polling station, said that the polling station Ghorahi-16 Sani Ambapur, where the local level elections were held last Baisakh, was run by women only. We will use the experience of the local level in this election, she said. She said that it would be even better if the security personnel were only women in the polling station where only women staff were deployed. There are 153 polling stations and 465 polling stations in Dang. There are 4,14,956 voters.