•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Salyan Hospital in dire need of human resources

Ministry of Health and Population

Salyan District Hospital, once reputed for its quality service, is eluding service to people for lack of doctors. With no doctors as per allocated quota, the hospital has begun referring patients to other health facilities.

Although there is the quota for eight doctors in the hospital, only one doctor is available now, which has badly hampered the health service.

Sushila Kumari Oli from Bagchaur in the district was recently referred to other hospital to conduct delivery. The district hospital informed that she could need operation in course of delivery, for which there was no adequate human resources.

Already delaying the delivery date, Oli has been worried where she could go at such refusal of emergency service. She also shared that she did not manage much money because the district hospital was said be catering delivery service for free of cost.

Officiating chief at District Health Office, Salyan, Slochana Maharjan admitted that the hospital did not admit the patients because of the lack of doctors to provide necessary service. According to her, a doctor was transferred while another was in training. Similarly, two others are on study leave. It resulted in human resources crunch. Admission of patients at emergency ward and in-patient ward was denied at present, she added.

She further said although Karnali Province Health Directorate was informed about the human resource crunch at Salyan District Hospital, it did not pay heed to the plight. “The hospital is not able to admit patients. How can a doctor ensure service to all patients?” she shared the plight.

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