•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Socialist Front a movement to set new journey to socialism: PM Dahal

Surkhet, Aug 31: Prime Minister and CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the Socialist Front Nepal was a movement to a journey towards socialism. He stated that his entire life is now for the cause of the nation.

Addressing a meeting organized by the Front in Surkhet on Thursday, the PM said that the Front was formed to push for the country’s prosperity, good-governance and social justice. “The Front has advanced to safeguard the nation, nationality and country’s pride. This journey is the Front’s movement,” according to Dahal.

Appealing to move ahead by being united and making the Front further extended, the PM argued that the communist movement should reach its destination by keeping the country and people at the centre.

Saying that the communist forces in the country have played historical role in Nepal’s transformation, Prachanda stated that the Front shall emerge as a vigour.

During his speech, the PM said that the ongoing fight against corruption won’t stop but added that it would be further expedited. “For this, support of all stakeholders including political parties is needed.”

PM Prachanda viewed that the anti-corruption drive was not targeted to a particular political party and no one should be spared based on the corrupt person’s political orientation.

Also speaking at the event, CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal argued that the Front was needed to safeguard the political achievements made in the country.

Despite suspicions of collapse of this government due to the Front, Nepal claimed that his government will not topple at any cost rather the Front will help crucial role to protect this government.

Likewise, CPN General Secretary Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’ argued that the regressive and reactionary forces were attacking the communist forces in the country and added counter-revolutionists will be collapsed if the revolution was given a completion. RSS