•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Srichchha Pradhan won ‘Miss Nepal 2023’ title

Kathmandu, May 27: Srichchha Pradhan has won the title of Miss Nepal 2023. In the competition that ended on Saturday evening, she was crowned as Miss Nepal.

In the grand finale held at the Sunrise Conference Hall in Godavari, Lalitpur, Pradhan won the title after beating 24 contestants who reached the finals.

She was crowned Miss Nepal by Priyankarani Joshi, the previous year’s Miss Nepal title winner.

In the grand finale, Prasiddhy Shah won the title of “Miss Nepal International”, while Raina Majgaian won the title of “Miss Nepal Earth”. In addition, the winners of 12 co-categories have also been announced. Ms Prassidy is the daughter of the first Miss Nepal Rubi Rana.

A permanent resident of Kathmandu, Miss Nepal title winner Pradhan is studying at the graduate level in environmental science.








































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