•      Thu Jul 25 2024

Sushil Pyakurel rejects ambassadorial nomination

Kathmandu, June 23: A prominent human rights activist Mr Sushil Pyakurel has rejected the nomination for ambassador to South Korea. In a statement issued on Sunday, he refused to accept as ambassador to South Korea.

He said that he will respect the decision of the cabinet meeting this Friday to send him as an ambassador, but he will not be able to handle the responsibility.

Expressing his gratitude for the government’s trust in him, he said, “I have accepted this decision of the government as a result of the campaign of non-governmental organizations and the performance of the responsibilities entrusted by the previous government with confidence.”

Pyakurel said that he saw the need for a serious discussion on the criteria set by the government in the past regarding the appointment of ambassadors and the justification of parliamentary hearings and the ambassador’s tenure.

The government on last Friday nominated new envoys for eight countries, including India, UK, USA.

Pyakurel’s statement

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