•      Wed Dec 7 2022
No Chhaugoth in Darchula

Darchula: Despite the continuation of the practice of observing chhaupadi (the traditional menstrual rituals), there is no chhaugoth in the district, the part of Far Western State. Chhaugoth is a separate hut meant for the stay of menstruating women and new mothers for a certain period.  During a recent survey

108 Chhaugoth demolished in Doti

Doti: A total of 108 Chhaugoths in three rural municipalities in Doti district have been demolished with support of police

28 chhaugoths demolished in a single ward in Doti

            Doti: Twenty-eight chhaugoths have been demolished at one ward alone of Badikedar rural municipality under the campaign to demolish

93 Chhaugoths demolished in two days

            Dailekh: The District Administration Office and District Police Office have demolished 93 chhaugoths at different local levels of western

300 Chhaugoths demolished in three days

            Surkhet: On the initiation of District Administration Office (DAO), Surkhet, 300 c­hhaugoths were destroyed in the district in the

Achham once again reports Chhaupadi death

Achham : A woman died in course of observing the Chhaupadi (a cultural practice which banishes menstruating and new mothers