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Harawacharawa, Musahar communities getting attracted to school

Saptari, Oct 2: A nine-year-old Satish Sada of the Musahar settlement in Shambhunath Municipality-7 in Saptari district did not go to school. Although the school nearby is at a distance of about 500 metres from his home, he would spend time playing at home, but did not go to school.

Risk of over use of mobile devices for children

Many children have been found engaged in playing mobile-like devices like smartphones and tablets in these days. Age restriction and

internet in cuba
Children’s overuse of digital screen cause for concern

The schools and colleges are adopting IT and digital education to suit the present needs. Thanks to the internet expansion,

Mushahar children
Harawacharawa, Mushahar kids start going to school

LAHAN(SIRAHA): The children of the Harawacharawa and Musahar community here have been drawn to education in recent period, thanks to

20 unattended India-bound children rescued from Nepal-India border

Nepalgunj, Dec 22, 2019 : A total of 20 unattended children who were on the way to Gorakhpur district in

54 street children rescued

Kathmandu, Oct 1 : The National Child Welfare Board has rescued 54 street children. These children including 28 from Thamel,

NCRC expedites children rescue in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Sept 29 : National Child Rights Council has intensified its rescue operation in Kathmandu. According to NCRC, 98 street