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‘Compulsion of opting for foreign jobs ends in 15-year’

Kathmandu, April 21: Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Dol Prasad Aryal, said government would end Nepali’s compulsion to leave country for foreign jobs in one and half decade.

Speaking at a discussion organized by the ministry on Sunday, Minister Aryal viewed, “If we are given chance to work for the employment sector, the trend of going abroad for jobs will end.”

He also informed that a mega employment fair was being organized to establish coordination among job aspiring youths, employers, and training centres. The ministry conducted a discussion to garner suggestions on how the fair could be made effective.

According to the Minister, the youths aspiring jobs would be provided information about the skills needed for various jobs. The representatives of training centres who attend the fair will impart necessary information and help find jobs. Similarly, the institutes providing training would also receive feedback and make strategies accordingly.

Ministry Secretary Ghanashyam Upadhyay said the mega fair also aims at promoting domestic job markets. Other sectors are also sought suggestions and cooperation to this regard, he added.

Similarly, Joint Secretary and ministry spokesperson Govinda Prasad Rijal shared that the fair was envisioned to reduce the dependency on foreign jobs by creating jobs and make job market dynamic within country.

The discussion was attended by various sectors, including Hotel Entrepreneurs Association, Municipality Association, FNCCI, Nepal Trade Union Congress, and foreign employment experts. RSS #nepal

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