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Chhath:Festive ambience overwhelms Mithila

Mahottari, Nov 18: The Mithila region, including Mahottari, is radiant and mesmerizing now. The villages and cities are decorated. Artistic and colourful lights have made the settlements beaming, thereby attracting celebrants of imminent Chhath festival. Mithila dwellers are now busy making environment neat and clean. Houses are scrubbed and daubed.

Ancient Mithila circumambulation march begins in Janakpurdham

JANAKPURDHAM: A 15-day Mithila Madhyama Parikrama, a ritualistic pilgrimage circumambulatory walk in the Mithila region, has begun. The event, a

Mithila circumambulation – longest religious trek linking two-country begins

            -Ajay Kumar Saha/RSS Dhanusha, Feb 23 (RSS) : Chairman of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Pushpa Kamal Dahal, inaugurated the

Jatara festival being celebrated in Mithilanchal

            Janakpurdham, Oct 8 : Yatra Parba festival, also known as Jatara Parba in Mithila region, is being celebrated on