•      Fri Jun 21 2024

Chief Justice Rana seeks support for increasing credibility of judiciary

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            Kathmandu, Sept 27 :  Chief Justice (CJ) Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana has urged one and all to contribute from their respective quarters to enhance the credibility over judiciary.

            In his address to a greetings exchange programme organised today by Supreme Court on the occasion of upcoming Bijaya Dashami, Tihar, Nepal Sambat and Chhath festivals, the chief justice wished the festivals celebrated in Nepal would inspire all to contribute to building a just society by promoting unity amidst diversity.     

            “Nepal is a multi-caste, multi-religious country and these festival may inspire all to work for its development and prosperity with the establishment of a just society,” he said.

            Stating that the constitution had envisaged an independent, impartial and competent judiciary, the chief judge urged all to make efforts from respective sides to strengthen judiciary. Supreme Court organises a festival tea reception each year.      

       Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, Attorney General Agni Kharel, SC judges and chief judges of high courts were present on the occasion.